FARA Cycling // The Road Ahead

FARA Cycling is a Norwegian cycling brand focussed on creating a unique purchasing experience when shopping for your next bike. Our goal is to win a place in the hearts of passionate cyclists world-wide by building from our strong Scandinavian values and creating a lasting bonds with our most important aspect – you the customer.

The verb “at fara” is Old Norse meaning “to travel” or “to venture”. The name is fitting because we built our brand to embody the experiences that adventure-through-cycling can offer.

We are a proudly Norwegian brand, our country is respected globally for innovative design, high-quality production and a healthy, active lifestyle. Additionally, in Norway we often use the word fornuftig which means “sensible” or “reasonable”. This way of thinking permeates our company and everything we do at FARA Cycling.

Our clean designs, using a carefully curated colour palette, are inspired by the Nordic design philosophy where products and their environments become one. Products are designed to mesh seamlessly with their natural environment, creating harmony and wellness.

Many brands today talk about being “customer-centric” but honestly, how could a global corporation with multiple levels of distribution ever achieve that? Every employee, partner and investor in FARA Cycling is a cyclist. We know that frustration when your bike doesn’t work properly, that feeling of investing in a new bike and that elation of reaching the top of a climb. We work every day in direct contact with our customers to provide a better product and better service to you – our most important asset.


Instead of trying to push the components that give us the biggest profits, when you choose a bike from FARA Cycling, you get exactly what YOU need. We put the power of choice in your hands using an uncomplicated online configurator. You select your bike through three easy steps: 
1. Choose between Gravel, Road and All-Road models.
2. Choose your component levels (performance and price).
3. choose your size.

Every FARA Cycling bike is hand built in Norway by our professional mechanics after we receive your order, exactly to your specifications.

How can we offer all of this at such a competitive price? Its easy! We have drawn on our years of experience in different industries to create a fresh approach to cycling. We are small, dedicated and nimble, without large networks of people relying on us.

Our model is built around your needs, extremely lean and highly efficient. We bring the components from the factory to the you in the quickest and cheapest way. Our pie basically gets sliced into fewer pieces, this allows us to pass the savings on to you! In our model, the consumer wins.

We are well aware of the fact that the cycling market is crammed full of brands of all different sizes and shapes. Most of them are singing the same song, telling the same stories, using same business model and looking the same. We’re here to do something different, to bring you something new and fresh. 

Many have told us starting a small cycling brand is craziness. However, we all possess a deep-rooted passion for cycling and much of our lives are dedicate to the products we make and the sport itself.