Inspired by the Norwegian landscapes

As a brand heavily in tune with our Norwegian heritage, we draw inspiration from our surroundings. Each of the colours in our palette originates from the stunning natural beauty found in the Norwegian landscapes.

We do not define a colour to a specific model like other bike brands do. To give you the chance to build your dream bike, we offer each of our three base models in the four colours of our palette. Using our online configurator at, you can choose your model, choose your size and pick your favourite colour!


We spend a lot of time during the colour selection process. We research, test and delve into every detail. In the end, it's about creating bikes that are design driven and a work of art.  Occasionally we will offer a limited edition design, and sometimes that will inspire us to incorporate a new colour into our line-up. If we find something new we love, we can change a colour in our palette at any given time. Your bike should be unique and personal.


We believe that a great bike deserves the highest quality paint and finish. Our paints are supplied by only the best producers who commonly work with the automotive industry. We look for deep colours that have a lot of character, one of the primary traits is that they will change their appearance depending on the ambient light, from subdued and dark to brilliant and bright. 

Read more about the 2021 Colour Palette below




Fjord Green 

Quite likely Norway’s calling card, the imposing fjords cut deep into the Norwegian landscape. Its where mountains and sea meet and glacial waters provide the brilliant jade green hues.

Once painted, this dark metallic green is elegant and distinct. In low light it possesses almost a bluish hue but in direct sunlight the silky metallic base captures the light and gives the frame an extra level of depth, allowing different hues of green to meet the eye from all angles. 


Wet Asphalt

That taste of sand in your teeth as the spray rises up off your front wheel, we know it well. Where we come from, if you don’t want to ride in the wet, you wouldn’t ride much. And if you don’t ride with a light, you’re not going to get out much for a big part of the year. Riding on wet asphalt is something we know all too well and its inspired this nearly black colour. 


We say "nearly" because it is not black but a very dark grey tone with a massive metallic flake giving it a brilliant sparkle under direct sunlight. Add a splash of colour to your saddle or bar tape and you will have a classy and unique combo for a personal touch. 

Winter Sky Blue

For large parts of the year, a cold, crisp winter takes a firm grasp of the Norwegian landscape. Somewhere between daylight and darkness a magical twilight exists signalling its time to turn back and head home.

This rich blue has an almost purple hue to it making it vibrant and lively. In addition, the satin metallic finish catches the light, giving the bike an even brighter appearance. Winter Sky Blue is a unique blue colour, adding life and energy to your ride.

Morell Red

Unknown to most who don’t live here, Norway is home to the most succulent summer fruits, Receiving nearly 24hrs of sunlight during the summer months, these ruby red Strawberries, Apples and the Cherry grow sweet and juicy and are all the highlights of the long summer days.

New to our colour palette for 2021, the Morell Red is by far the most vibrant colour we've done to date and also the most difficult and expensive to produce. This paint is applied in 3 layers where the first is a silver metallic base which gives the depth. On top of this, a transparent layer of rich ruby red that nearly pops right off the frame. If you want a little flash and for your riding mates to be envious, this is the colour for you!